Bunorr Integrated Energy's commitment as a good corporate citizen is demonstrated in all aspects of its business operations. The company creates a positive social and economic outcome for all stakeholders through its HSSE initiatives, promoting Clean Energy Sources, stimulating the Local Economy, and supporting Environmental Laws.

HSSE initiatives

  • Our comprehensive safety program encompasses all activities to mitigate and eliminate all workplace hazards to prevent accidents. These safety measures are applied in all business operations and extend to all suppliers and partners.
  • Our preventive maintenance procedures are developed to ensure safety with company assets.
  • Increase hazard awareness of burning used engine oil which releases greenhouse gases and heavy metal emissions that cause environmental degradation and climate change.
  • Increase hazard awareness of dumping waste engine oil in waters and gutters which are harmful to drinking water, streams, and rivers. According to US coastal guards, 4 Liters of waste oil can contaminate 250,000 Liters of fresh water.
  • Promote the need to compile with engine manufacturers recommendations as a way to reduce the toxic gas emitted by under changing engine oil.

Promote Clean Energy Sources

  • Provide clean and trusted energy sources that meet local and international regulatory standards which benefit our society at large.
  • We target investments in renewable energy projects that sustainably contribute to societal development.

Stimulate Local Economy

  • We stimulate the local economy through job creation and entrepreneurship opportunities for the surrounding communities where we operate.
  • We reduce the dependency on foreign imports and patronize local suppliers.

Support Environmental Laws

  • Our policies and procedures ensure it meets all applicable local, state, and federal environmental regulations.
  • We offer a free service for companies to comply with local, state and federal environmental and regulatory laws and guidelines.

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