Collect Used Engine Oil

Bunorr Integrated Energy Limited offers a service to collect Used Engine Oils from companies that generate and process these oils into products that are useful in the society thereby saving the environment from pollution and creating value. Companies are required by law to properly dispose of used engine oil. Bunorr is here to help you to be compliant with environmental standards.  You can contact us to collect the used engine oil from your location or you can drop it off at the nearest  Bunorr agent location 

Buy Used Engine Oil

Bunorr Integrated Energy Limited offers to buy used engine oil from the general public or aggregators as an incentive for the public to comply with environmental laws to protect our environment. Instead of dumping used engine oil to the gutters and watersides, we will buy it from you. Please contact us or visit the nearest Bunorr agent location 

Recycle Used Engine Oil

Bunorr Integrated Energy's state-of-the-art recycling process recycles used engine oil collected from the general public and feeds it back to the local economy through its partners to reduce the economy's dependency on imports.

Supply Energy

Bunorr Integrated Energy Limited supplies indigenous companies with cost-effective clean energy input from the processing of used engine oil which improves the national economy and reduces dependence on import.

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